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However, by 3:30 pm the 3rd Marine Battalion was also surrounded by the VC 60th Battalion on Hill 47, which had moved out from Vinh Loc village to engage the Marines.

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Thus, North Vietnamese leaders decided to launch a summer offensive with the objective of defeating the ARVN by drawing them into battle repeatedly with numerous, geographically dispersed attacks.

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However, privately informed Moscow that the VC only wanted to gain international support, and they did not need actual volunteers.

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Aftermath [ ] The battle at Ba Gia, which marked the beginning of the VC's Summer Offensive of 1965, had dealt a severe blow to South Vietnam's armed forces.

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A Diary on the Battle of Ba Gia.

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The VC bombarded the South Vietnamese with heavy mortars, which were followed by infantry assaults.

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The North Vietnamese war effort received a major boost in the first half of 1965, when the and the stepped up the delivery of military aid, which included the deployment of military specialists and other personnel to train North Vietnam's armed forces.

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According to General Nguyen Chanh Thi's plan, the Task Force would achieve the following objectives: the 3rd Marine Battalion would advance along Route 5 toward the objective of Ba Gia; the 39th Ranger Battalion through An Thuyet, Vinh Loc and Vinh Khanh and than capture Mount Chop Non; and the 2nd Battalion, 51st Infantry Regiment towards Phuoc Loc and capture Mount Ma To.

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271st Regiment 45th Independent Battalion 83rd Local Force Battalion Strength 2,500 2,000 Casualties and losses VC claim: 915 killed or wounded 270 captured 14 trucks destroyed 370 weapons captured ARVN claim: 556 killed 20 weapons recovered• , Secretary of the , believed that the South Vietnamese regime was able to survive because they still had a strong army to rely upon.

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The North Vietnamese decision to intensify the war culminated in the Summer Offensive of 1965, which aimed to destroy the regular divisions of the ARVN in large-scale battles, and pin down the elite units of the ARVN strategic reserve.

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Ba Gia, , Result Viet Cong victory Belligerents Commanders and leaders Units involved• Prelude [ ] At the beginning of the summer season in 1965, VC Commanders in Military Region 5 passed a resolution to launch a military operation known as the " Le Do Campaign", which was supposed to last from May 15 to August 30, 1965.