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Share Wrapped in bright coloured shawls, the girls spent the night huddled around a fire in a thatched-roof house as local women gathered to sing and dance in support.

Brazilian town of Encruzilhada where girls as young as 11 are RAFFLED by paedophiles

Lawyer said paedophile ring had numbered tickets for girls 'up for grabs'• Detectives there have passed the file to state prosecutors 'This isn't the image of Brazil that the government wants the world to know about, particularly as it hosts the greatest show on earth.

Young Girls In Finland Are Pretending to Ride Horses

But the ticket is 'significantly' more expensive when a virgin is the prize• The Education Department gave 30 days to the officials of Township High School District 211 to reach a solution or face enforcement, which could include administrative law proceedings or a Justice Department court action.

Young girls are lined up before undergoing tribal circumcision ceremony in Kenya

Reuters photographer Siegfried Modola captured this ceremony in rural Kenya for four teenage girls of the Pokot tribe, in Baringo County.

Which of these girls looks best naked?

More than a quarter of Kenyan women have undergone ordeal, despite the practice being outlawed three years ago• It set up a prosecution unit in March and is currently investigating 50 cases.

High School Girls Forced to Undress Next to Naked Boys?

As a compromise, the district installed four privacy curtains in unused areas of the locker room and another one around the shower, but because the district would compel the student to use them, federal officials deemed the solution insufficient.

Which of these girls looks best naked?

But talks stalled after school officials said the student would be required to use the private area, as opposed to offering her a choice to use it.

Video shows tribal girls forced to dance naked, authorities say clip old

Charity Meninadanca claim child sex abuse rife in Brazil's poor rural areas By Published: 09:14 BST, 15 September 2015 Updated: 19:23 BST, 18 September 2015 Police are investigating after shocking claims underage girls in a Brazilian town are being offered as prizes in raffles and games of bingo.

Young Girls In Finland Are Pretending to Ride Horses

Scroll down for video Share Meanwhile, a venue in the town also organises weekly bingo nights where paedophiles play for the right to abuse underage girls, British charity Meninadanca claimed.