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The Love of my Life

Why can't we be together is what I wonder??? 6 years ago Yesterday I said goodbye to her.

Love of my life by Gregory S maynard

I fell in love with him from the beginning.

My Love, Romantic Love Poems

My gather me to let me know what I do.

Long Distance Love Poems: 15 Heart Touching Poems

It is a small window into the feelings that she brings out of me.

You Are The Love Of My Life Poem by Kayla Sharpe

That is the very heart of long distance love poems.

Romantic Poems About Love For Her

I love you, my dear, like a deaf man suddenly hearing the sound of a harp, And I need you like a man coming up from the ocean for air after many minutes below.

Love Poems for Your Boyfriend that will Make Him Cry

You have told me that what we want is wrong.

The Love of my Life

A thin pane of glass Sits between you and me Yet I somehow know That it is meant to be.

To The Love Of My Life, Girlfriend Poems

Our paths crossed again not so long ago.

She Is Everything To Me, Love Of My Life, Falling in Love Poem

The world around me melts away, It vanishes in the wind, Dissolves as a drop of water in the ocean.

She Is Everything To Me, Love Of My Life, Falling in Love Poem

So back to heavens skies I would go at night, and stare up at the stars And feeling so small amongst it all, wishing upon my shooting star from afar But after many long cold nights of searching through the skies On a cold December afternoon I received the most amazing surprise The surprise was meeting you my love, my angel from above You shower me with tenderness and uncontested love You give to me the strength I need to be a better man And to know what love is really like, you help me to understand Your smile sets my soul ablaze, and your voice carries like song You lift me up from feeling down when every thing goes wrong You complete my puzzle and were the piece I could not find But now together with you in life I can not get you off my mind You are in my dreams at night and my thoughts throughout the day I never thought I could love someone in every single way I was destined to meet you my angel and that is true to see I was made for loving you and you were made for loving me.

She Is Everything To Me, Love Of My Life, Falling in Love Poem

Something feels a bit different, From all the other spirits we greet, And we discover that all along, We were destined to meet.