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Erika Tessarolo Home • Erika Tessarolo Art Designer Business Women

Even today in the sector of building products for Amusement Park and Entertainment, I am the youngest woman worker and entrepreneur.

Erika Tessarolo Home • Erika Tessarolo Art Designer Business Women

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I searched for facts and documents on the abuses and scams that my family had suffered, so that in the courts it was not forgotten that who is a thief must not always win, and that those who have money must not always win even if they do not have the reason, to restore dignity to my family, but as I expected and as we know it works in my country who has the most knowledge wins, who has more money who is bigger … and the truth is left in the last place.

Erika Tessarolo

I studied all the regulations and laws that could have protected my family, to protect those I loved because of scams and misfortunes, trying to find the correct way so that no lawyer or person who would have represented me would find me unprepared and had protected me as it was correct to do.
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Do you want to find out which events is attending and if is in Town? Erika have pursued acting and modeling as her profession.

Erika Tessarolo Home • Erika Tessarolo Art Designer Business Women

The decision to approach art, despite the insecurities caused as a child gave me the opportunity to look inside myself for a way to express my Singular and Unique creativity by transforming my imagination into reality, even if I had a pre-set activity for years it was so that I faced the change.

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they prevented the birth of all my dreams and ideas, I remember one of many episodes in middle school: the art teacher belittled me by telling me that I would never make it and that my tests were horrible, and therefore I put aside art by repressing one of my talents with which I express my essence.
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Erika Tessarolo Home • Erika Tessarolo Art Designer Business Women

I believe that the inspiration for women and people is that at any age and goal, everything can be possible by remembering within each of us that: -If you believe in yourself Anything is Possible too the Impossible! The film was titled as E.

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2017 Young Italian Artists accepts registration as an emerging Italian artist 2018 Recognition of the Emerging Art Artist by the National Association for Research and Safeguarding of Antiques and Fine Arts.