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Needless to say, I went home pretty soon after that! Acting shocked, I replied, "Professor, that is my bra! We've established that , and I'm not just talking about the pet names — I'm talking about the way that every time you and your sweetie exchange a tender kiss, that okay, I'm also talking about the pet names.

Why You Should Never Wear Panty Hose to the Airport

It's enough to make you want to swear off dating and barricade yourself inside your house alone forever, right? And let's not forget that weddings also involve two of the most effective ingredients for creating embarrassing disaster situations: Alcohol and dancing.

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I'm not sure which of us was more embarrassed! I'll spare you the details but needless to say we were pretty red-faced when a fancy posh waiter appeared from nowhere and asked us to return to the wedding party.

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Usually I get off the plane at my destination, get in a cab and have to go straight to a meeting with no time to change, so I have to fly in business professional attire.

The Sheerio Collection Home Page

When the time came to put on the offending hospital gown, totally open down the back, I wasn't sure if I should leave my underwear on or not.

Why You Should Never Wear Panty Hose to the Airport

In case you have never experienced the boa constrictor-like agony of rolled-up shapewear, that shit is not easy to unroll! Even though every other time you've done this, it's gotten torn to weird shreds and left your underwear a bloody mess, you still hold out hope that this time is going to be different.

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So this one day I was in the mood to , I wanted to treat myself and get something really nice, you know, with lace and ribbons and a special color.

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Maybe a bit racy but I figured they could handle it and it made me feel powerful and wonderful.

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"Well, the designer has never been to a traditional family wedding with my in-laws," I thought, hanging up the phone.